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Educational articles on BI and AI from a life sciences perspective. 

Power of AI Reporting
Big Data

What does Big Data mean for life sciences?

With Big Data, companies can quickly make collective decisions that help them serve their customers better and faster and boost their market share by analyzing large data volumes generated by various sources, including patients, doctors, and retailers. Tapping into the large data volumes that conventional Business Intelligence (BI) systems cannot exploit effectively, life sciences companies can quickly make sound business decisions.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in pharmaceutical and life sciences sales

Somehow, there’s something of a disconnect between the multitudes of data available to pharma and life sciences firms, and their ability to derive actionable intelligence from it. But help is on the way. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is paving the way to greater insights from data than ever before. AI is already having a big impact on pharma and life sciences companies, particularly in terms of sales and marketing.

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Business Intelligence

How does Business Intelligence work for pharmaceutical companies?

What life sciences and pharma companies want from their Business Intelligence systems is making intelligent clinical and business decisions quickly. As a result, CROs, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies use data visualization systems extensively to help them work with massive and varied data sources.

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