Whiz.ai on Ovum’s Radar for

Bringing Augmented Analytics to Enterprise


Sales Reps:

  • Ask questions, find AI-powered insights, and sell more
  • Access and update CRM on the fly using voice and text
  • Get instant access to enterprise information, AI-driven alerts and NBA on mobile

Commercial Operations:

  • Get real-time alignment with sales needs, visibility into rep behavior, and track data usage
  • Improve data quality with access to direct feedback from the field
  • AI-enabled access increases adoption of existing data and analytics

Executive Leadership:

  • Improve ROI on existing tech stack, boost rep morale and reduce training costs
  • Stay on top of business KPIs without ever looking at reports or dashboards
  • Get AI-powered access to rep performance


  • Pre-trained AI that connects with industry-leading CRM, BI and data warehouse apps
  • Extensible AI platform that scales with enterprise needs
  • Cloud-based AI solution that can also be deployed on-premise for security