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The only augmented analytics AI purpose-built for life sciences

WhizAI understands the way you talk, think, work and use analytics. It’s pre-trained on life science data so you don’t need technical knowledge, specialized IT support, or complex software to use it. You don’t need to memorize search queries either. WhizAI uses NLP. See it yourself.

Serves up relevant insights without being asked ​

Because our machine learning models are pre-trained on life science data, WhizAl spots patterns and opportunities while it runs full analysis. This reveals the kind of competitive insights that would take thousands of hours to uncover. You can use our ML models or bring your own and tap into the power of WhizAl.

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What makes WhizAI different?

Exclusively designed and built for life sciences

Thanks to a strict diet of life-science-only data, WhizAl understands the nuance and terminology of your unique ecosystem. It’s pre-trained on it. This means WhizAl knows that doctors write scripts. And that a year has 13 months made of 4 weeks each. So when you ask “Who wrote the most in the NE territory this month?” it knows exactly what you mean.

Powered by NLP that actually works

WhizAl is not a search database. You don’t need to memorize keyword-packed queries or repeat the same search string to use it. It doesn’t gatekeep analytics from non-tech users. That’s because WhizAl uses natural language processing to understand what you’re asking and make the calculations needed to answer on the fly. It’s a true NLP for Pharma that gives you personalized analytics for the modern world. Instantly .

Automate analytics at scale

Forget about static, cumbersome dashboards. With WhizAI, you can automate your high-end analytics process by generating dashboards on the fly. This reduces TCO, creates agility and lets your technical teams focus on the tasks that need the human touch. (Without wasting time training every one on redundant processes.)

But how will WhizAI help me and my team?

See how data and AI insights can improve the performance of the different teams in your life sciences organization.

For commercial teams

Talk to WhizAl on your phone, iPad, in Veeva or on Slack. Prepare for HCP meetings on the go. Get instant sales analytics without involving IT.

For R&D teams

Understand clinical operations data quality at a glance. Monitor clinical trials. Forecast enrollment issues. Manage your budget.

For manufacturing teams

Ask specific performance-based questions and get instant answers. Plan your next steps. Improve efficiency.

WhizAI Featured On

Market Guide for Augmented Analytics Tools

By 2023, overall analytics adoption will increase from 35% to 50%, driven by vertical- and domain-specific augmented analytics solutions.

We integrate with the software you already use

Connect to the data source you already use: Snowflake, Veeva, Safesforce. And get answers wherever you are: on your iPad preparing for an internal review, in the office tracking clinical operations, or on your phone as you prepare for an HCP sales meeting.

How we help our clients

How one pharma company used WhizAl to increase market share in just 3 months

How a global pharma patient services team manages 2O,OOO+ patients with insights from WhizAl


What some of our clients say about us

WhizAI enables our teams to be more insight-driven more quickly. It gives them the option to look at data in the way they like to look at data and have the flexibility to be able to pull the information quickly.
National Sales Director
Top 3 Global Pharma
Enabling information access in a complex organization is always a challenge. WhizAI solves it elegantly. This rollout was the highlight of the year

Sr. Dir Commercial Excellence

Speciality Pharma Company

We worked with Whiz to create an SMS-based natural-language tool for our remote sales force. It was a hit with the team as they loved the simplicity of the tool and its convenience. The Whiz Team was great to work with and very receptive to future enhancement ideas.
BI Business Partner Manufacturing Industry
I was an early customer and saw the product evolve weekly with a load of exciting business-value features. The product provides all of the essentials required to engage with a field associate in a simple way-natural language commands, tabular results, visualizations that can be saved for later viewing or sharing with the customer, and push capabilities for managing by exception.
VP-ERP, Commercial And Business Insights Manufacturing Industry

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