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Get Instant Answers to Your Life Sciences Business Questions

WhizAI is the first and only platform purpose built with pre-trained AI for life sciences. Simply ask a question about sales, market access, patient services, or clinical trials — and WhizAI answers it instantly. Try that with your BI tool!

Not Your Generic BI
WhizAI is Built for Life Sciences.

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100X Faster
than Traditional BI

Purpose-built to handle life sciences data, WhizAI instantly answers your questions and you can easily drill into any level of granularity across billions of records.

No more silos or slow-loading dashboards, WhizAI gives you a single version of truth instantly.

100% User

WhizAI allows you to ask business questions via talk, text or app — just as easy as asking a colleague. Get instant answers while walking into a sales meeting or doing your quarterly review.

No need to learn any BI tools, WhizAI adapts to your needs and learns your preferences.

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Contextual AI that Understands Life Sciences

WhizAI is pre-trained in life sciences – sales, market access and patient services data. Get instant insights on the accounts you need to call, the risks to market share or patients with a high risk of discontinuation.

WhizAI surfaces these insights even before you ask for them– and of course you can ask anytime.

Empowering Quicker Decision Making
for Enterprises

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Field Sales

No need to sift through dashboards or wait for someone else to set a query up for you. Simply ask questions to get instant insights that help you discover the customer prescribing patterns, prioritize accounts, ensure impactful sales calls and capitalize on every opportunity.

Commercial Operations

No more data silos, long development cycles and weeks of training. Drill into any level of granularity to uncover performance drivers and reduce the time from insight-to-action. Easily discover lucrative sales opportunities, identify future threats, and improve funnel management with real-time insights.

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Market Access

Whether you need insights on your payer ecosystem, patient enrolments and adherence, or formulary restriction and contracting, WhizAI provides a complete view of the market. Our AI instantly responds to questions and creates analytics on the fly.

Patient Services

Stay on top of the patient journey in its entirety, from diagnosis to recovery, just by asking questions in natural language. Track enrolments in real-time, onboard patients faster, ensure therapy adherence and receive proactive alerts of roadblocks to affordability.

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Benefits and Business Impact

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60% reduction in calls to IT

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50% reduction in TCO

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5X improved productivity

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Early identification of threats

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Significant increase in market share

WhizAI is trusted by top global life sciences companies

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