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A Pre-Trained Cognitive AI Engine for Life Sciences

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WhizAI knows your data

Our Data AI is trained to handle life sciences data at scale. It already understands 867, IQVIA, CTMS, and APLD out of the box.
WhizAI Anomaly Detection

WhizAI learns what normal looks like for you

Our Insights AI finds anomalies in your data and notifies you if anything looks off, so you can handle issues proactively and be the hero your team needs.
Instant Visualizations, No More Dashboards

WhizAI creates visualizations in the blink of an eye

Our Visualization AI is trained with a deep library of charts, tables, and advanced visualizations. There’s no need to design dashboards or fragment your data to make it fit. 

WhizAI Speaks The Language Of Life Sciences

WhizAI speaks your language

Our Natural Language AI is trained on the specific language used by life science teams in sales, patient services, and R&D. WhizAI empowers business users to get answers to their data questions like they’re asking an esteemed colleague.

Save Time With an AI-Powered User Experience

Streamlined Deployment

WhizAI's Fast 4 to 6 week deployment
Deploying other BI systems can take up to seven months. WhizAI deployment takes less than half that time by removing unnecessary steps. No wireframes required. No weeks wasted building a self-serve data model.

No Training Required

You don’t need to be a data expert to use WhizAI. Our platform is intuitive and easy-to-use. And visualizations are generated automatically.

Access life sciences data from anywhere

WhizAI For Desktop
WhizAI Email Notifications
WhizAI For SMS
WhizAI Mobile App
From your desktop to your text messages, WhizAI’s insights are accessible from virtually any device whether you’re in the office or on the way to meeting with an HCP.
Veeva Integration
Salesforce Integration
Amazon RedShift Integration
Collibra Integration
Slack Integration
Snowflake Integration
MS Teams Integration

Enterprise Ready

Virtually Unlimited Scalability

Scales to thousands of users and billions of data points

WhizAI doesn’t limit users by the amount of data it can process. It can deliver actionable insights in a millisecond and complex pinboards in less than two seconds.
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Easy integration

WhizAI easily integrates with Veeva, Salesforce, SAP HANA, AWS Redshift, Snowflake, Collibra, and JDBC compliant sources.


WhizAI quickly processes data from your source. Even if you use an app with no API support, our unique Robotic Process Automation enables integration with WhizAI.

WhizAI Featured On

Market Guide for Augmented Analytics Tools

By 2023, overall analytics adoption will increase from 35% to 50%, driven by vertical- and domain-specific augmented analytics solutions.

The WhizAI Advantage

Exponentially Faster Than Legacy BI Solutions

100X Faster Than Traditional BI:

Simply ask a question in natural language and get an instant response.
WhizAI Automatic Insights

Receive Automatic Recommendations:

Pre-trained AI on commercial data, WhizAI automatically surfaces a range of actionable insights from data anomalies to casual analytics and predictive insights.
Minimal Training AI Out of the Box

No Training Required:

There’s no complex dashboard and no training required. WhizAI learns your preferences and delivers high adoption among business users.
Intelligent Automation Increasing AI Adoption

Up to 50% Reduction in TCO:

WhizAI’s intelligent automation reduces dependency on expensive programming resources and operational spends on traditional analytics solutions.
WhizAI Analytics Queries Reduces Calls To Support

Up to 60% Reduction in Support Calls:

As our platform responds to ad-hoc analytics queries and delivers proactive insights, it alleviates the burden on IT support teams.

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