An AI Powered Marketing and
Sales Enablement Platform

Delivering Timely and Contextual Insights

Meet Whiz

A pre-trained AI platform for sales and marketing teams to simplify and streamline their access to enterprise data, insights and workflows.

Improve Sales Rep Productivity

Keep your sales team on top of things by delivering the right information at the right time via the right channel. Whiz helps onboard new reps and provides in the field sales team with insights, guidance and information via natural language on mobile and desktop.

Increase Adoption of Existing Sales Stack

Add AI capabilities to your existing sales enablement infrastructure such as CRM, BI, reports, and assets. Whiz coexists with your current applications, and unifies your sales and market data ecosystem, makes your applications accessible via voice and text, houses predictive models, and delivers insights to commercial teams.


Empower Marketing with AI-powered Analytics

No need for reports, dashboards or SQL queries. Marketing teams can leverage AI to unearth insights and analyze business data via a powerful conversational analytics engine.

Institutionalize Sales Best Practices

Whiz requires little to no training data to get started. This  human machine collaboration AI enables business users to directly train Whiz on sales best practices by capturing tribal knowledge and intelligence residing in your sales organization.

Reduce Ad-hoc Requests to IT

Let IT focus on strategic projects rather than creating ad-hoc reports, dashboards and one-off queries for your commercial teams. Whiz pulls data, creates reports and builds dashboard through natural language interaction allowing IT to focus on strategic projects.

Ready to put AI to work in your business?

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