AI-Powered Business Insights is your personal data analyst that tracks your business trends and keeps you up to date via a conversational interface.

Why Whiz

No Reports or Dashboards

Voice and Messaging-based instant access to business insights without learning or logging into multiple applications. Just ask whiz!

Autonomous Learning AI

Continuously evolving AI assistant learns user’s conversational style, needs, and changing business environment to deliver personalized daily briefings, diagnostic analytics, and smart alerts.

Personal Data Analyst

AI-enabled personal data analyst provides insights, alerts, analytics, and charts without human intervention. whiz understands your business, language, and data to answer your questions.

Quick Setup for Instant ROI

Pre-trained AI and built-in data adapters shorten the setup time, accelerating ROI. Already trained in industry and business lexicon, Whiz automatically learns your data at first connection with underlying data sources.

Mission aims to make enterprise applications as easy and fun to use as any consumer application.

The AI-powered personal assistant connects users with their business data and insights via a smart and “always on” messaging interface. It understands your data, needs, and industry language. Business users now don't need to rely on IT or data analysts for reports, and learn or log into myriad business applications to access information. They can simply ask whiz for metrics, analytics, trends, charts and [even] reports in their own language, anytime, and anywhere. No more reports, just insights with whiz!

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