Conversational Intelligence
for Enterprise

Delivering Contextual Insights to Business Teams via AI

Meet Whiz

Whiz is a pre-trained conversational AI platform that connects business users with their enterprise data, insights and workflows via speech and text on web and mobile.

Boost Productivity of Commercial and Sales Teams

Build AI straight into your CRM, business intelligence and marketing automation systems to bring proximity to resourceful data and enrich your sales team experience with a single source of information. Whiz goes wherever your field teams are: mobile app (Android and iOS), SMS, collaboration tools (MS Teams, Skype and Slack), and browser based interface.

Improve Utilization of Existing Data and Applications

Gather actionable insights from data across applications, data warehouses, and data lakes and deliver it through a conversational interface. Help your business operate more efficiently by gaining foresight with artificial intelligence, machine learning, human language processing (NLP, NLU, NLG), data analysis and predictive analytics.


Future of Work

A universal UI designed for delivering an all-inclusive experience reduces application switching and fragmented workflows. An AI driven advanced visualization interface ensures employees understand the system with minimal change management and training. A system that understands your language, not the other way around.

Institutionalize Enterprise Best Practices

Harness the tribal knowledge of your field sales force and services teams. While Whiz has the ability to learn from your data, it can also be trained by humans (eg. HQ teams) on crucial enterprise processes. Whiz learns and evolves on the go with usage and creates a cognitive enterprise that augments and shares tribal knowledge across, imparting it through a conversational intelligence.

Reduce Ad-hoc Requests to IT

Free your technology teams of mundane tasks to let them focus on strategic, high-value projects. Whiz creates dashboards, answers one-off questions, delivers pre defined reports for your commercial teams. Whiz pulls data, creates reports and builds dashboard through natural language interaction allowing IT to focus on high-impact projects.

Ready to put AI to work in your business?

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