An AI Powered Gateway
to Enterprise Information

Through a Conversational Platform

Meet Whiz

Your personal AI assistant that understands your language, preferences and business to instantly provide access to your enterprise information, insights and trends.

Universal Learning Interface

The easy to use interface constantly adapts to business users' needs and requires almost no end user training. Whiz.AI makes your enterprise information easily accessible by speaking your language.

Automates laborious & repetitive tasks

Why keep creating reports, charts, and applications, when can simply create and deliver information on demand. Let AI do your regular tasks, while you work on the future!


Empowers Business users

Help your business work smarter with an always on AI assistant that monitors predictive models, provides intelligent alerts, and answers ad hoc queries anytime, anywhere.

Improves IT Efficiency

Not only does act as your IT's first line of defense for data and reporting requests, it is a "super human" requirements gathering system that tells IT what the business wants in real time, allowing IT to be more proactive while prioritizing development projects and aligning resources accordingly.

Save Costs.
Boost Revenue

Better leverage existing enterprise and analytics investments while reducing expensive end user training and software license requirements. The platform also makes more efficient use of predictive models to put insights into workflows, helping to fix inefficiencies and boost top line revenue.

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