Our Technology

Build pragmatic AI capabilities in your current marketing and sales enablement stack to increase adoption, capture sales best practices, and improve productivity of your commercial and IT teams. Empower your technology teams with an AI platform required to deliver contextual, actionable, real-time sales and marketing insights in a natural language on desktop and mobile.

Access Whiz

whiz.ai provides ubiquitous access to data, information and insights from across all applications and delivers desired details through various channels – mobile, web or collaboration apps. Existing enterprise applications can be tedious to use. So, here’s when whiz.ai comes in to deliver data through a highly personalized text and voice based interface across platforms.

Visualization AI

Whiz is pre trained on visualizations, reporting, charting, and calculations to instantly respond to ad-hoc data requests from business users. No need to call IT or overload them with last minute reporting request.

Insights Whiz

whiz.ai learns user preferences, data patterns and business context to create automatic alerts, contextual analytics and reports. It also houses machine learning algorithms for prescriptive analytics and predictive insights.

Human Machine Collaboration

Our unique human machine AI requires minimal training data to get Whiz up and running in your organization. Don’t have clean training data? No Problem! whiz.ai can be trained directly on your sales and marketing best practices through natural language interaction.

Curation Whiz

whiz.ai connects with a myriad of enterprise applications and data sources through its AI powered data integration layer. Be it your workflow or transactional application, or BI or data warehouse, Whiz co-exists with all and helps increase adoption of these applications.

Enterprise Ready

whiz.ai is built for large enterprises and supports key requirements of IT such as single sign on [SAML, AD], On prem and private cloud deployment, compliance with strict security guidelines, high configurability, and comprehensive administration and logging capabilities.

Ready to put AI to work in your business?