The Founding Team

Rohit Vashisht, CEO

Rohit’s 17-year career has spanned enterprise software sales, product management, development, and strategy. He brings extensive experience in startup financing, business development, operations and strategy to whiz. A seasoned tech entrepreneur, he founded multiple startups, held leadership roles at an enterprise software startup that grew to a $30M business, and executed profitable strategies at Vista Equity Partners’ product management group. Most recently, Rohit spearheaded the sales and marketing team at Bloglovin’ to grow its influencer marketing business. Previously, Rohit was CEO and co-founder of Sverve – an influencer marketplace that was acquired by Bloglovin’ and rebranded as Activate. Rohit holds an M.B.A from the NYU Stern School of Business and an engineering degree from I.I.T, Delhi. When Rohit is not in front of his laptop, he can be seen reading non-fiction, playing cricket and golf, or speaking at industry events.

Amitabh Patil, CTO

An innovative software & hardware hacker, Amitabh brings over 20 years of enterprise software experience to Whiz. As chief engineer and trustee at Technology Against ALS, he led the development of a wearable communication device for ALS patients that leverages deep learning technologies for Computer Vision, IoT, and EEG data processing and speech synthesis. Prior to co-founding, he was a Principal Technical Architect at Vistaar Technologies where he designed high-end enterprise analytics and pricing platforms and deployed them at Fortune 500 companies. Previously, Amitabh worked as a consultant designing highly scalable and distributed systems for startups and large companies. A Masters in Computer Engineering from Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine, he is a polyglot when it comes to spoken and programming languages. When not thinking about applying AI technologies, Amitabh can be found playing tennis & chess with his 11-year old son.