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Our Team

Our team has a proven track record and expertise in AI, ML and enterprise software.

Rohit Vashisht CEO

Serial entrepreneur, analytics guru, and AI visionary. Founded Sverve, later acquired by Bloglovin’. Held leadership positions at large enterprise software companies and spent time in private equity. Engineering BS from I.I.T, with MBA from NYU. Loves to read, play cricket, golf, and being extroverted.

Amitabh Patil CTO

Tech wizard, speaks 7 languages and codes in more. Worked on India’s first super computer. Created an AI powered communication system for ALS patients and was Principal Architect for enterprise analytics platform, Vistaar Technologies. MS from Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine. Loves spending time with family playing tennis and chess.

Aaron Carlock COO

Seasoned entrepreneur, philanthropist and builder of large enterprise IT services companies. Founded Vonlay, later acquired by Huron Consulting Group Inc. BA from University of Chicago. Loves spending time with family, creating in his workshop, and working on his farm.

Butool Abbas UX Designer

The Creative One…experienced UX/UI Designer, educator, and “Designpreneur”. Has led design teams at tech startups and worked in the Fintech, Health, Pharma and EdTech and AI domains. Founded a design consultancy and e-commerce store. Masters in Design from IIT Kanpur and Architecture from MSU Baroda. Loves illustrating, doing workshops in schools and travelling.

Abhishek KumarNLP Specialist

The NLP and computational linguistics master. Deep expertise in conversational and non-conversational NLP from time spent as a core NLP engine developer for several business assistant applications. Engineer from SIT, Pune, India. Loves music, reading and spiritual studies.

Alex RusinTeam lead, Senior Java developer

Technical Specialist, adherent of theoretical physics. Previously built architecture solutions for projects at DHL, Barclay, Deutsche Bank. MS from Kiev Polytechnic National University in Ukraine. Loves spending time with family, riding his motorcycle, and boxing.

Manvesh ShandilyaSolution Specialist

Solution architect and full stack developer. Worked in multiple domains - Travel, Digital/Online Entertainment, FinTech and AI. Codes in more than 6 programming languages and has worked with many tech startups. Engineer from SIT, Pune, India. Loves reading, cricket, retro music and cooking.

Abhishek KumarData Engineer

Tells stories with data. Builds use cases, creates data models and automates processes for clients. Extensive experience in various industries like e-commerce, BFSI and entertainment. Engineering from IIIT Jabalpur. Loves hiking, swimming, and running marathon.

Pranay VasaniDirector - Client Solutions

A decade+ of experience delivering enterprise analytical solutions to large companies and is in his element when working at the intersection of Business and Technology. Passionate about all things data. Engineering and MBA from Mumbai University Loves spending time with family, watching football, cycling and reading technical stuff

Manisha GonjariData Engineer

Creates data pipelines for fun and is always up for a challenge...passionate, organized and is always venturing into areas that are interesting. Completed BTech from VJTI, India and MS from UTD, US. Loves to spend time with family, watching series and dancing.

Alexey GrinkoFront End Developer

Creates beautiful & functional interfaces for web & mobile. Strong expertise in frontend architecture and UX. Math whiz. MS in Computer Engineering. Loves playing guitar, running, cooking and learning new things

Tim ZuevApplication Developer/Engineer

A master of Rails and backend development, Tim is who we go to with the hard problems. Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University. Loves to work with computers and data, and keep up with contemporary culture.

Prateek Kale Sr. Data Engineer

Passionate about automating analytics processes and digging insights from data. Prateek has deep experience in various industries like Healthcare, Enrollment, Sales and marketing. An engineering graduate from RGPV Bhopal, Prateek loves music, acting, and cooking.

Ivan Lopatnov Machine Learning Engineer

An Algorist and Geek who likes to solve hard machine learning and NLP challenges. Master’s Degree in Encryption, Physics, Computer Science from National Technical University of Ukraine " Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". Likes swimming, cycling, running and reading technical articles.

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