Bringing RPA MainStream in Enterprise with Cognitive AI

Think beyond batch processes with RPA! RPA Communicator exponentially increases your ROI on current RPA assets by enabling new use cases and more end users. Our cognitive human-like access layer introduces a range of workflows, beyond backend processes, that can be executed by hundreds of business users on a daily basis using RPA.

RPA for Singular, ad hoc Workflows

Most business user workflows are singular yet repetitive like sales updating opportunity in CRM multiple times a day, marketing looking up campaign performance periodically, and executives managing calendars and accessing KPIs often. With our RPA Communicator, users can perform these tasks by simply texting or speaking to, which in turn uses RPA for the completion of these actions in underlying systems. Be productive, increase topline and reduce cost.

On Demand RPA RPA Communicator provides on-demand access to end users unlike automation applied to generic batch processes like invoicing, claims processing, and report generation. A business user can work with hundreds of bots without ever knowing about them. Just ask and will figure out what bot you need

RPA as Integration Layer

Gone are the days of painstaking API integration with every enterprise application.’s RPA Communicator uses bots to quickly connect with a myriad of applications to enable comprehensive integration and delivery of information via a single interface. Harness the power of quick integration without coding. Be it your legacy applications, apps without APIs, online sources,’s RPA communicator can pull data from all of them using RPA.

Out of the Box Integration’s RPA Communicator supports deep integration with industry leading RPA platforms like UiPath and can quickly deploy BOT based use cases for our clients. Our solutions team is adept at rolling out enterprise class Cognitive RPA solutions across industries.

Ready to put AI to work in your business?