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Average platforms don’t understand the language of life sciences

IQVIA, CTMS, APLD—the average one-size-fits-all platform has no idea what this means. Life sciences teams end up spending more time trying to speak a platform’s language rather than the other way around.

WhizAI knows what your data means from day one so you can start getting insights faster.

WhizAI delivers relevant answers

More contextual than a keyword search, WhizAI’s natural language processing (NLP) understands business terminologies of lifes sciences, including 4×4, TRx, and TAs to deliver insights across R&D, manufacturing, sales, and patient services.

Domain-Based NLP Engine

Domain-specific machine learning models track pharmaceutical data to surface actionable patterns, anomalies and relevant insights. Models can be provided by WhizAI or created by your in-house data science teams.

The WhizAI Advantage

Exponentially Faster Than Legacy BI Solutions

100X Faster Than Traditional BI:

Simply ask a question in natural language and get an instant response.
WhizAI Automatic Insights

Receive Automatic Recommendations:

Pre-trained AI on commercial data, WhizAI automatically surfaces a range of actionable insights from data anomalies to casual analytics and predictive insights.
Minimal Training AI Out of the Box

No Training Required:

There’s no complex dashboard and no training required. WhizAI learns your preferences and delivers high adoption among business users.
Intelligent Automation Increasing AI Adoption

Up to 50% Reduction in TCO:

WhizAI’s intelligent automation reduces dependency on expensive programming resources and operational spends on traditional analytics solutions.
WhizAI Analytics Queries Reduces Calls To Support

Up to 60% Reduction in Support Calls:

As our platform responds to ad-hoc analytics queries and delivers proactive insights, it alleviates the burden on IT support teams.

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