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Cognitive Insights for Life Sciences

Fast, Easy and Contextual - Everything BI Was Supposed to Be

The Fastest and Easiest Life Sciences AI Platform

WhizAI combines NLP, Data, Visualization, and Insights AI into a single platform that has been trained in life sciences language, analytics, and business.

Natural Language AI- WhizAI speaks your language

Our Natural Language AI is trained on the specific language used in life sciences by sales, market access, patient services, R&D and more. This empowers business users to get answers to their data questions simply by asking the same way they would ask a colleague.

Data AI- WhizAI knows your data

Our Data AI is trained to handle life sciences data at scale. It understands 867, IQVIA, CTMS, and APLD out of the box and scales to billions of records efficiently. No need to fragment your data to fit into multiple dashboards, your request is processed with a blink of an eye.

Visualization AI- WhizAI creates meaningful representations

Our Visualization AI is trained to know how best to present answers to your data questions, with a deep library of charts, tables, and advanced visualizations. This means no need to design and implement dashboards. WhizAI creates it on the fly.

Insights AI- WhizAI surfaces cognitive insights before you know it

Our Insights AI is trained to learn what normal looks like for you. This enables it to find anomalies in your data and notify you when something looks off, so you can handle issues proactively and be the hero your team needs.

WhizAI is trusted by top global life sciences companies