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Finally see the ROI of your data analytics

Large pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars on run-of-the-mill BI platforms to end up working with dashboards built from a limited data view that becomes less relevant over time. This leads to lower adoption throughout the company and more money gone to waste.

If your data team creates a profile of an ideal prospect, WhizAI enables technology and business teams to access that information—just by asking a question.

Users And Data Scalable To High Volume

Virtual Unlimited Scalability for Data and Users

  • WhizAI supports 1B+ data volume in a unified analytics model as well as high concurrent usage.
  • Our platform delivers actionable insights in sub-seconds, complex data visualizations in less than two seconds, and less than 30 minutes for complex dashboards.
Secure AI Systems

Easy Security, Admin, & Governance

  • Security is set by row level according to user roles and personas.
  • SAML, LDAP, and Active Directory are all supported.
  • IT has real-time access to user queries with ability to analyze responses.
  • WhizAI provides insights into data quality, business needs, and NLP.
Cloud Deployment Without Restrictions

Cloud Agnostic Deployment

  • WhizAI can be run on AWS, Azure, or GCP.
  • There are multiple deployment models, including private cloud, on-site infrastructure, or as a SaaS solution.

Enterprise-Level Integration

WhizAI works with Salesforce, Veeva, Collibra, Snowflake, and Redshift to integrate disparate data sources across the enterprise.
Veeva Integration
Salesforce Integration
Amazon RedShift Integration
Collibra Integration
Snowflake Integration
MS Teams Integration

The WhizAI Advantage

Exponentially Faster Than Legacy BI Solutions

100X Faster Than Traditional BI:

Simply ask a question in natural language and get an instant response.
WhizAI Automatic Insights

Receive Automatic Recommendations:

Pre-trained AI on commercial data, WhizAI automatically surfaces a range of actionable insights from data anomalies to casual analytics and predictive insights.
Minimal Training AI Out of the Box

No Training Required:

There’s no complex dashboard and no training required. WhizAI learns your preferences and delivers high adoption among business users.
Intelligent Automation Increasing AI Adoption

Up to 50% Reduction in TCO:

WhizAI’s intelligent automation reduces dependency on expensive programming resources and operational spends on traditional analytics solutions.
WhizAI Analytics Queries Reduces Calls To Support

Up to 60% Reduction in Support Calls:

As our platform responds to ad-hoc analytics queries and delivers proactive insights, it alleviates the burden on IT support teams.

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