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Cognitive Insights for Patient Journey Analytics

Patient services teams can stay on top of the patient journey in its entirety and get answers to questions from diagnoses all the way through to recovery by simply asking.

On-Demand Patient Level Analytics at your Fingertips.

Asked and answered- instantly

WhizAI is trained on claims, diagnostics, labs, and speciality pharmaceutics data to allow patient services to stay on their feet to help their patients. WhizAI empowers teams with quick and easy patient identification, better patient event predictions and the tools to provide prompt, targeted patient assistance.

Connect patients to the right care, faster.

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Use real-time data to improve the patient journey

Patient services should do what they do best — focus on patient care and their journeys toward health, not on learning to use dashboards and BI tools. Leverage WhizAI’s conversational interface to easily access actionable patient insights and allow users to design effective treatment plans and customized experiences. Stay on top of patient journey mapping in its entirety, from diagnosis to recovery, just by asking questions in natural language.

Optimize enrolments, prevent discontinuation, and ensure outcomes.

Ensure nearly 100% patient care adherence

WhizAI is smart. It identifies patterns and surfaces anomalies that can alert you to the probability of patient drop-offs and allows you to make better patient event predictions. Leverage WhizAI as a single, centralized solution to query all patient data sources to easily identify risk areas and respond with an increase in touchpoints.

WhizAI is the cure for limited insight into the patient care ecosystem.

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WhizAI is trusted by top global life sciences companies for patient care analytics