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Introducing the Human Intelligence Behind Our Artificial Intelligence

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Our Mission

Enterprise Analytics as easy and delightful as using your favourite app

Today, every job is data driven irrespective of the function and employee’s data savviness. Our mission is to give complete autonomy to all business users so they can access business insights whenever and wherever they need them, just by asking for it. Welcome to the future of business intelligence!

Our Vision

Building Real Intelligence for Enterprise

We envision intelligent enterprise where everyone gets timely insights automatically and on-demand. The days of tedious dashboards, long training hours, and complex analytics software are over. We are changing enterprise analytics by enabling answers to business questions directly. The current generation of BI solutions are built around creating complex dashboards, which only results in data deluge, confusion and frustration for the end user. We make enterprise analytics as fun and easy to use as your favorite mobile app. Ask and answer, instantly!

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Our Culture

How We Work

We practice what we preach. Just like the top life sciences companies that use our AI, we are data-driven, detail-oriented, and focused on excellence. We have embraced a culture of a ‘product first’ company that places innovation and user experience for business users above all else.

Where Great Business Ideas Come From

There is usually a great story behind innovative technologies. WhizAI is no exception. This cognitive insight platform was not the first time our co-founder Amitabh Patil used AI to help people. His earlier work included a communication and control system for ALS patients. That system connected eye movements via sensor to a position on a map, which gave patients who had severely impaired speech and movement the ability to express themselves.

When Amitabh and co-founder Rohit Vashisht met, Rohit was blown away by the technology, and they began to explore how AI could benefit other people. Amitabh and Rohit chose to develop an AI model for the life sciences industry, which could benefit from quickly searching and analysing massive amounts of data for faster contextual insights.

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Our team is rooted in the idea that AI’s value is connecting ideas with insights and decisions faster. And it is how we are continuing to write our story with WhizAI.