Cognitive Insights for Pharmaceutical Market Access Teams

Get instant answers to product performance, competition, and volumetric questions when you need them.

Real-Time Analytics and Agility for Pharmaceutical Market Access Teams.

Any level of granularity at the speed of light

WhizAI is trained on IQVIA, SHS, LAAD data and scales to any level of detail to provide instant access to actionable insights. Be the first to pivot according to market share changes, data anomalies, and spikes caused by competitive launches or even cannibalization.

Stay ahead of the competition.

Increasing your market share just got easier

WhizAI is so easy to use that pharmaceutical market access teams never have to learn new tools or ask IT for information. Account managers, and the home office instantly access any information at any time by simply asking WhizAI. Save hours of analysis and let AI surface payer-plan level information.

Proactive alerts to keep you ahead of the competition

WhizAI has trained algorithms that adapt to your market changes and learn what is important or out of the ordinary. Get proactive insights on your payer ecosystem, patient enrolments and adherence, or formulary restriction and contracting, to get a leg up on your market.

Why spend time looking when WhizAI keeps you informed?

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