Ushering Productivity with AI in Manufacturing

Our manufacturing customers are boosting sales and augmenting productivity by delivering contextual insights to sales, marketing, finance, and executives without the need to log into dreaded enterprise applications. already knows key business concepts such as sell in, sell through, inventory, orders, and competitive metrics like market share, reviews, ratings and pricing to elevate your organization’s efficacy with contextual AI.

Exo for Executives and Field Teams

On the road and want to know distributor’s stock, or going to a client meeting and want to check their order performance, or maybe what caused the margin to drop in a territory? No need to wait for an analyst to send a report or open that large excel on your phone. answers these questions and deliver proactive insights 24/7 via human like interaction on your mobile and laptop. reduces lead time with IT and helps improve efficiencies in your sales, marketing and supply chain processes.

Accelerate Decision Making

When everyone in a meeting has real time, instant access to all company information via, there are no unanswered questions that require additional follow up research. directly connects with financial applications, BI platforms, and marketing automation to get trained on your business terminology, metrics, and relationships. Executive, Sales, Marketing, and Finance teams turbo charge their efforts with AI that delivers instant insights and facilitates fact based decision making.

AI-Powered Competitive Intelligence can track your and competitors’ product prices, reviews, and ratings on various sellers’ sites, and inform you of anomalies, product suppression, buy box etc. Our AI engine tracks, measures, and analyzes this data in real time to produce meaningful alerts, actionable insights, and instant analysis. synthesizes and measures market data against your internal data to give you a complete picture of your business. It creates advanced visualization, unearths patterns, and delivers insights via its unique combination of advanced UI and AI.

Ready to put AI to work in your business?