AI-Powered Analytics
to improve field
force effectiveness
and data ROI

Our customers boost productivity of their sales and commercial teams by empowering them with goals, contracts, N/Trx and 867 data instantaneously via voice and text on all devices. is pre-trained on Life Sciences data such as HCOs, NPI, Hx/Dx codes, and also understands analytics such as weekly run rates, rolling averages, and market shares, synthesizing mountains of data into the most meaningful insights for users.


AI for Commercial Teams

Home Office teams leapfrog clunky BI to AI-driven insights with a trained AI that creates on the go responses based on data, context, and patterns. uses machine learning to mine insights for Life Sciences and lets commercial teams seamlessly deliver this information to their sales organization. HQ teams can track data usage, call-planning adherence, and ROI as collects real-time usage information in the field.

Improve Sales Rep Productivity

The daily task of meeting with physicians and hospital administrators while maintaining all of these customer relationships is crucial, but planning is also an essential part of every sales rep’s daily routine. learns your prospects, account performance, call planning, contracts, and rebates information, and delivers it straight to your phone whenever you need it, without logging into any application. is trained on life sciences language and learns your business terminology to deliver contextual information to field teams in natural language.

Less Ad-hoc, More Strategic

Business teams often rely on IT for ad-hoc reports and dashboards to stay updated about their customers and connected with their co-workers. Today’s IT experts are capable of so much more than just crunching numbers and managing applications. is IT’s first line of defense. It answers open-ended questions, delivers advanced analytics on demand, and creates ad-hoc reports as desired by the commercial teams. Moreover, IT gets a peek into their questions to learn about missing data sources, new computations, and advanced requirements. With, IT can spend more time on strategic projects and streamline requirements.