Cognitive Insights for Pharmaceutical Field Sales

Capitalize on every opportunity, easily identify threats, and ensure impactful sales calls with instant intelligence. No need to sift through dashboards or wait for someone else to set a query up for you.

WhizAI Makes Life Sciences Sales Teams Data-Driven & Dashboard Free.

100X Faster Access to sales insights

Why use dashboards when you can simply ask about territory performance, prescribing history, or anything related to sales and account activity – and WhizAI answers instantly. Try that with your BI tool. Nothing is faster than WhizAI when it comes to delivering information – anywhere, anytime.

Simply ask or type a question for instant contextual insights.

Reps spend more time selling and less time training

WhizAI already knows your language, data, and analytics plus it learns rep’s preferences on the fly. Why ask reps to learn how to use a BI tool when WhizAI adapts to their needs? Empower your reps to do what they do best- sell.

Teams using WhizAI see a 100% adoption by field reps.

Get the right information at the right time, without asking for it

WhizAI is smart. It learns your territory, goals, performance and market to automatically surface insights and alerts when notable changes occur. Be it an outlier order, new prescriber, change in market share or sales performance – WhizAI is on top of it for you.

Get what you need – proactively!

WhizAI is trusted by top global life sciences companies