We’ve only scratched the
surface of what is possible…


It all started in 2017, when our founding team members began analyzing the enterprise applications ecosystem and various scattered data sources for a pharma company. With decades of experience building and using enterprise software, we had faced the daily frustrations of business users with abstruse enterprise applications first-hand. It is hard to navigate both legacy and new systems within an enterprise due to clunky interfaces, hours of training, and poor mobile experience. However, advances in AI gave us the ability to collaborate with our clients by proactively supporting them with AI-driven interpretations and insights that provide strategic guidance for decision-making.

We finally had an opportunity to build a platform that learns and adapts to user’s needs instead of the other way round.

Our mission is to democratize enterprise data and insights via human-like conversations.

We have built a pre-trained conversational AI engine at whiz.ai that connects business users with their enterprise data, insights, and workflows via natural language on mobile and web.
Today, our people, our customers and a strong partner network support organizations in the life sciences, manufacturing, and financial services industries through their AI transformation initiatives.


Sales reps

should not be wasting time learning and adapting to new software and requesting information from sales ops every time they need to meet a customer or do a pipeline analysis.

Commercial ops

should not just manage change and handle field requests but turn that knowledge into a competitive advantage that helps boost sales productivity.

Sales leadership

should not have to navigate clunky dashboards and reports when they need access to business performance insights.


should not be wasting time fulfilling back-end administrative duties and should rather invest their time in strategic digital transformation initiatives.