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Cognitive Insights for Pharmaceutical Commercial Operations

No more data silos, long development cycles and weeks of training. WhizAI easily scales to billions of records and helps track sales, activities, market performance and uncovers key insights in real time.

WhizAI Makes Real-Time Business Intelligence a Reality For Big Pharma.

Go ahead, ask a question that touches every single data source

WhizAI provides a single version of truth to all the stakeholders – leadership, sales, and sales operations. Be it billions of records, different aggregations, or complex questions – WhizAI scales to provide instant answers that traditional pharmaceutical BI fails to deliver.

Reduce the time from insight-to-action for everyone.

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Easy to use, track and evolve

WhizAI provides real-time analytics to pharmaceutical commercial operations teams. Track who asked the question, which data is missing and the insights your sales and leadership need most. WhizAI has a no-code environment, so you can create any analytics in seconds by just asking for it without the need for predefined dashboards or reports.

Build an insights driven enterprise of the future.

Prescriptive Pharmaceutical analytics is here

WhizAI understands life sciences sales data and learns nuances of your pharmaceutical commercial operations, market, and usage patterns on the go. It understands the normal to surface anomalies, suggested analytics, and data quality issues proactively.

Intelligence 360!

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WhizAI is trusted by top global life sciences companies for big data analysis