The Native AI Stack is industry’s first native AI stack for business analytics. Every module is driven by AI to deliver a learning application that grows with user and business needs.

Conversational Interface

whiz is an always-on AI powered data analyst that understands user’s language, business lexicon and underlying data to deliver insights without a need for user to learn a new application. Whiz is already trained on business concepts start answering your questions instantly. Just ask whiz!

Contextual Analytics:

whiz comes prepared with a repository of analytics, charts and computations that it leverages to deliver contextual analytics on demand and at time proactively based on business situation. No more pre-configured static reports or dashboards. Let whiz create analytics for you!

Learns Preferences

whiz is a personalized AI engine that continuously learns user’s preferences, lexicon, and usage to produce automatic daily summaries, updates, alerts and diagnostic analysis. The more you use whiz the better it becomes!

AI Driven Visualization

whiz is intelligent to pick the right visualization for a result set. It takes the cognitive load off user to decide on charts or graphs for a given analysis. Let whiz pick it for you!

Intelligent Alerts

Gone are the days when you have to manually set alerts. Whiz learns user preferences and proactively alerts them of changing business environment. Of course you can still set alerts of your choice. Just tell whiz!

Data Integration

Over time whiz learns different data formats and starts to infer relationships to save user from learning data models and create queries. Let whiz figure it out!