Whiz.ai On Ovum’s Radar for bringing Conversational AI in the Enterprise

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Whiz.ai, a conversational AI platform for the enterprise, today announced that Ovum Consulting has positioned the company on its “On the Radar” series that recognizes companies bringing innovative ideas, products or business models to the market.

“With Whiz, rather than click on a menu of choices or speak predetermined commands, users can type or talk as if they were having a normal conversation in natural language.” said Mila D’Antonio, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement in the report.

The report highlights whiz.ai’s strong ability to bring the last mile of connectivity in those enterprises that sit on mountains of data in large numbers of applications but have no way to easily access important information. Whiz.ai solves that by bringing contextual insights, data, and workflows to business users including executive leadership, sales, marketing, and finance.

In Ovum’s view, the enterprise market has reached an inflection point that requires intelligent platforms powered by AI and machine learning to not only automate the task of preparing and analyzing enterprises’ data but also to effortlessly turn the data into valuable insights and recommendations.

“I am thrilled to see Ovum recognize that whiz.ai is well positioned to capitalize on this significant turning point. Through our natively built NLP and machine learning capabilities, whiz.ai offers an intelligent solution that improves ROI and adoption of enterprise data and applications,” said Rohit Vashisht, co-founder and CEO of WhizAI. “Whiz.ai directly impacts top line by making business teams more productive.”

Talking about the product, this report also indicates that whiz.ai’s “technology adds a vital layer in the enterprise technology stack that connects business users to key enterprise resource planning data. AI is embedded in the platform and is trained on horizontal business concepts including computations, market share, calculations, charts, and graphs. On top of this prebuilt horizontal layer, whiz.ai builds vertical training models for heavily regulated industries.”

Download a complimentary copy of your report here: https://whiz.ai

About Whiz.ai:

Whiz.ai is a pre-trained conversational AI platform that connects business users with their enterprise data, insights and workflows. Our conversational intelligence platform automates & simplifies everyday tasks and empowers the leadership, commercial excellence, finance and sales teams with contextual insights via speech and text on web and mobile.

About Ovum:

Ovum is a market-leading research and consulting firm focused on helping digital service providers and their technology partners thrive in the connected digital economy. Through its 150 analysts and consultants worldwide, it offers expert analysis and strategic insight across the IT, telecoms, and media industries.

Rohit Vashisht, 908-279-7004
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