Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Commercial Ops with Conversational AI

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Conversation Intelligence Platform Helps Pharma Sales Operations

As a sales leader, you are always on the crossroads. On one side, you have the sales rep, shuffling between tasks, recording CRM activities, making endless follow-up calls, meeting people, big-time traveling, untethered to his 9-5 job. On the other side is the sales ops team doing quota management, territory structuring, incentive plans, sales automation, training, data, analytics and reports, in an attempt to reduce the friction in the sales process so salespeople can be more productive. 

The irony is that, in spite of having a shared goal of driving sales for the company, these two departments are always waging a war at each other. As the VP of Sales, there is often an angry mob waiting to attack outside your office. Sales reps are frustrated because accessing information is a big challenge, data is scattered across systems, emails and enterprise collaboration tools, reports and dashboards are overwhelming, and by the time they get to the desired information it is outdated, old news, obsolete. 

Sales ops complains that the sales team underutilizes their processes, systems and analytics. They do not understand technology and shoot down the CRM. Any training is considered a time stealer and the sales tech stack is perceived to be for the higher management only. Sales ops’ efforts to drive sales performance with excellent IT solutions deployed in the enterprise are going down the drain.

For you, the VP of Sales, your biggest worry is how to increase sales? If given a choice, you would like to spend more time coaching your reps, meeting clients, and closing deals than figure out how to use dashboard and reports for data.

The age-old strife between sales ops and the sales team could be costing your team’s productivity and the company in ways unimagined. As a leader, would you be better off avoiding this conflict or trying to manage it?

How to end this perennial conflict between Sales and Sales Ops?

At, we believe that strategic sales management is critical to a sustained sales performance. We have a unique vision for sales ops and the management of enterprise applications. Our goal is to help sales organizations evolve by breaking free from their operational burdens and become a driving force in the company’s growth. 

  • We understand that sales ops is a demanding function that is frequently challenged to accommodate changes in strategy, products, priorities, and markets. We believe sales ops should not just manage change and handle field requests but turn that knowledge into a competitive advantage for the organization. 
  • We also understand that in order to be successful, the sales reps need access to information, contacts, activities and sales contracts in one place so that they can pull it up at any time and from anywhere. 
  • At the same time, sales leaders do not have to clutter their memory with gigabytes of sales data. At the time of decision-making, no enterprise information is misplaced, lost or forgotten. 

There are different approaches to creating a strategic sales organization and driving organizational performance. We support all of them with our AI-powered conversational intelligence platform for web and mobile. makes life easier for Sales Ops, Sales Reps and Sales Executives

Isn’t it ironic that sales reps are the ones who are most benefited from a sales force automation solution (read CRM) and yet they share a love-hate relationship with it? With, all you need to do is ask and it delivers the results through a simple human-like voice and text interface. No dashboards, reports or training is required!’s machine learning system can handle hundreds of user queries saving salespeople ample time spent on administrative CRM tasks. It saves user logs so it can learn from consumption patterns such as, when the query was raised and what type of insight was requested so next time it can deliver results proactively. Additionally, it also learns from successful search patterns and sequences of others. learns the sales process followed by successful reps and can suggest best practices other reps looking to train on the process. This way, it uses crowd intelligence to surface best use of data for other users so everyone can benefit from each other’s success. Therefore, with, sales reps become instantly comfortable because all they need to do is simply ask in a natural language via the voice or text interface.

Such type of usage serves trends and patterns to the sales ops team into the type of queries and frequency of requests from business users. Sales ops is now able to keep the actionable insights ready for on-demand delivery. sits like a layer above all applications and data lakes to become a business user’s single gateway to all enterprise information. So now, sales ops and sales reps can start their day together, close the deal and make your numbers. 

As a sales leader, your time is valuable. With, you can spend less time navigating the tech stack, resolving conflicts and have control over the business at any given time. Spend your time wisely in demonstrating ROI, and leveraging to improve sales performance and drive revenue for your company.

Talk to our product expert today and find out how you can leverage a next generation AI platform that can end this perpetual strife between sales and sales ops.

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